Segun Sowunmi “The playbook of our rival, APC, is superior to ours”

Former Ogun State PDP governorship candidate Segun Sowunmi has claimed that the APC’s “playbook” is better than the PDP’s.

During an interview with Seun Okinbaloye on Mic On Podcast, Sowunmi stated that the APC’s playbook was a major factor in Bola Tinubu’s triumph over Hausa/Fulani candidate Atiku Abubakar in the most recent presidential election. Tinubu is a guy from the Southwest Yoruba tribe. In order to effectively compete with the APC, he also underlined the necessity for the PDP to improve its strategic planning and research capacity.

In Sowunmi’s words: “The playbook of our rival, APC, is superior to ours. I know this because I am interested in these kinds of things. I check what they are doing, I look at it and I subject it to research and I tell myself these people (PDP) can’t continue like this. Let me tell you what they have not seen, they have not seen the extent of research that informs the decisions of the APC

“Question number one: why do you think that a southwestern Yoruba man who on paper does not even have as much numbers as a Hausa/Fulani man, will beat a Hausa Fulani man? Why do you think that it was almost a non-negotiable framework for Tinubu from the Southwest to pick somebody from the North who is also a Muslim? Why do you think they had no alternative but to dare the Muslim-Muslim ticket and why did it work?”.