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“She is Exercising”: Heavily Pregnant Woman Dances Strongly on the Street, Video of Precise Steps Goes Viral

TikTok users are praising a heavily pregnant woman who danced beautifully in the open streets.

The video of the woman was posted on the platform by a user known as Vdj Pezzy, and it has gone far and wide.

Posted on Saturday, December 3, the video shows the woman digging it out alone on the dance floor.

Video of pregnant woman performing waist dance
She did not mind her condition but danced strongly and happily, moving her waist to the beats of the music.

The attention of passersby was drawn as some turned to get a glimpse of the pregnant woman dancing.

Even those who sat around could not help but watch her with admiration in their eyes.

At the moment, the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times with more than 86k likes and close to 1200 comments.

Rreactions from TikTok users
@Marianah commented:

“Who will help me so I can watch this again.”

@Teebabe363 said:

“Someone should kiss my comment so I can come back to watch it.”

@user3480654445658 said:

“Dance my dear is not easy to get pregnant. Keep moving forward more Grace.”