Shettima’s Governance Track Record Complements Tinubu’s – KSM

A group under the aegis of Friends of Kashim Shettima Mustapha (KSM), the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has said his track record as governor of Borno State will complement that of his principal, Bola Tinubu .

The friends of KSM are an assemblage of highly distinguished men and women whose career paths have crossed with Senator Shettima in the last 50 years.

In a press conference in Abuja yesterday national coordinator of the Friends of KSM Waziri Bulama said among the three frontline presidential candidates, only Tinubu and his vice -presidential candidate possess intimidating credentials.

He said “KSM’s enviable tract record of infrastructural transformation, administrative sagacity, visionary and dynamic leadership as well as astute management of lean resources of Borno State during his 8 years stewardship as governor advertise and signpost Tinubu – Shettima’s competence and ability to fix the economy and restore Nigeria to the path of prosperity.

“Tinubu and Shettima have done it before in Lagos and Borno States and they will replicate the delivery of the dividends of democracy nation-wide if given the mandate.

“As Borno State Governor, Sen. Kashim Shettima administered a state challenged by insecurity delivering massive social and physical infrastructure.

“Since Economic Management responsibility is often assigned to the Vice – President, KSM as consummate Banker conveniently fits the bill and complements Asiwaju Tinubu who is a Chartered Accountant and astute manager of human and material Resources.

“Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I invite you to join us in informing, educating, sensitizing, and conscientizing the Nigerian Electorate to vote wisely and rightly for Tinubu – Shettima because of their political antecedents, academic and working career pedigrees.

Bulama also expressed the view that in a diverse, and complex country like Nigeria, we need a liberal and fair-minded vice-president that will complement the nation-building and national integration efforts of the President.

“This is why well meaning and patriotic Nigerians should support Tinubu-Shettima President ticket in next year’s election.

“Like Asiwaju Tinubu, KSM appointed non-indigenes and competent people of different faiths into top government positions in Borno State,” he added .