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Six animals that eat their partners

Some animals eat their partners, which is called sexual or animal cannibalism. In the animal world, mating can be dangerous for males, as they often end uup dead.

Usually, it’s not other predators that kill the males, but rather larger and stronger females, especially after mating. Female animals eat their partners because they need more energy and nutrients to have babies, so they turn to sexual cannibalism.

Here are eight animals that eat their partners:

1. Praying Mantis

Female mantises are larger and stronger than males, which helps them catch food easily. They release a special scent called pheromones to attract males. When a male tries to mate with a female, he’s at risk of being attacked.

Even if the female bites off the male’s head, he can still mate because his body can still function. Having babies requires a lot of energy from the female, as she may lay around 100 eggs.

2. Black Widow Spider

The black widow spider is another creature that sometimes eats its mate during mating. Similar to mantises, male black widows are much smaller than females, usually less than half their size.

Females build webs coated with their scent called pheromones. A male spider attracted to the scent does something called “web reduction,” where it cuts parts of the web and covers the female’s scent with its own.

To mate with the female, the male has to position part of its body between the female’s fangs. This puts it at risk of being eaten by the female.

3. Jumping Spider
4. Anaconda

Female anacondas are usually able to feed during their pregnancy. As a result of this, they’ll sometimes eat mates to get the nutrients they need for the next seven months.

Anacondas squeeze their mates to death and feed on their bodies after mating.