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Slay Queen Goes Wild And Twerk On A Guy After Being Intoxicated With Alcohol (Watch Video)

House parties are in plenty despite Government warning to Ghanaians to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic or avoid contracting it.

And this can only mean one thing. Only a few are paying heed to his important advice and strictly adhering to the social distance protocols judging from the video sighted by on Instagram.

In a video that is making it rounds online, a slay queen is spotted shaking her hard assets on a guy during a house party.

The slay queen who looks intoxicated is seen giving in her all to the guy as she tries pulling her joystick with a hot ass shake.

And she doesn’t seem to care irrespective of who is watching or as if it is anyone’s business.

In previous years, these house parties follow the normal party trend; Eat, drink, dance, and go home kind of style. Well, it looks as if things have changed now.

Parties held these days have turned into something more sexual and wild and that is where you see cunning and sex-starved men having their way with ladies after intoxicating them with alcohol.