Some Brain Related Problems That Commonly Cause Constant Hand Shakiness

Do you know that there are certain brain related problems that cause constant shaking of hands? Hand shakiness is common amongst older adults and sometimes in younger people for some health reasons and some other very common factors. The main concern in this article however is the brain issues that often lead to hand shakiness.

So in this article in line with a publication on WebMD, we are going to be having a look at some brain related problems that commonly cause constant hand shakiness.

What Are The Brain Problems That Cause Hand Shakiness In People?

1. Stroke or brain injury – this is one of the things that commonly causes hand tremors in people. If you have ever had stroke then that could cause some changes in your brain that remains for a very long time often leading to tremors or hand shakiness in people involved. So for this reason, people who had stroke should always keep in touch with their doctors or health care providers incase they start noticing uncomfortable signs.

2. Parkinson’s Disease – when we talk about parkinson’s Disease it simply means a condition that causes the hand to shake constantly because the brain cells that tell your muscles to move are damaged. The shaking of hands from parkinson’s often start on one hand before it spreads to th second hand. People suffering from parkinson’s may also have issues moving and also have trouble being balanced. The main treatment for parkinson’s related hand tremors is medication and sometimes surgery.