SPORT NEWS: Lionel Messi reveals his plans for the 2026 World Cup

After winning the 2022 World Cup with his team, many thought it was the end of the road for Messi in terms of major international tournaments. However, everything indicates that the Argentine will be present in the next Copa América with his country.

However, reaching another World Cup, in this case 2026, is certainly complex for the player, although he went from ruling it out to saying that there is still time to decide.

Thus, Lionel Messi has expressed himself about playing in the 2026 World Cup. The defense of the World Cup is still far away, but the Argentine does not want to say a resounding “no” to the possibility. After what was done in Qatar 2022, it is not known if at 38 years old he is willing to play his sixth tournament with the Albiceleste.

He would become the first footballer to compete in the important number of six World Cups. Where he already won one of them.

“The world Cup? I don’t know if I’ll make it. If I think about the Copa América, it will be nice because the Centenario match that we played here was very nice, although we lost the final, we enjoyed the process a lot. After the Copa América we will see, it depends on how I feel. The years have passed, we have to see how I feel, I will see the day to day of how I feel, there are three years to go.”
What does Messi say about his plans regarding a possible retirement?

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to think about it either, I want to continue enjoying what I do. I took an important step by leaving Europe and coming here and I don’t want to keep thinking about the next step. I want to continue enjoying playing.

I am lucky to do a job that I love and, although I have responsibilities and objectives, it is still something I enjoy. What I am going to do? I don’t know, I like everything related to football, I like being with the kids, teaching, sports director too.