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Stop Disturbing The Police, Comrade Deji Adeyanju Reacts To Nathaniel Bassey‘s Alleged Defamation Case

Nigerian legal Practicioner and human rights activist, Comrade Deji Adeyanju, has reacted to the news of a popular gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey suing those who insinuated that he was the father of his gospel colleague, Mercy Chinwo’s child.

The legal practiioner was critical of those involved in the act of defaming Nathaniel Bassey, but he also believes that the matter shouldn’t have been a police matter at all.

He took to the popular microblogging platform X formerly known as Twitter to tweet his view on the matter.

He wrote;
“This madness of defaming people to trend need to stop. You say Apostle Suleiman is a Muslim just to trend. When called to defend this, you will start stressing lawyers. This was how someone went as far as saying rubbish about Mercy Chinwo’s new born baby. Criticize don’t defame.”

Not long after his tweet, he further wrote;
“That said, stop using police to harass those who publish defamatory statements against you, sue them because it is a purely civil matter. The police have better things doing considering all the security issues in the country than to be attending to big men complains of defamation.”

He finally tweeted;
Big men & rich pastors shd stop using the police to arrest people who defame them, they should sue. There’s nothing criminal about defamation. The police have better things doing with their time considering the security situation in Nigeria than attending to petitions of big men.”