Subsidy Is Not Something You Can Remove All Of A Sudden Without Putting In Place Some Measures – Obi

The former presidential candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi addressed his supporters yesterday on ‘ParallelFacts’ Twitter space. During his interview, Peter Obi talked about the fuel subsidy removal that have been a great concern to most Nigerians.

Peter Obi still stood his grounds that he would remove fuel subsidy if he eventually becomes president. However, he said his administration would put in place some measures before removing the subsidy.

The Labour party presidential candidate said he would set up a panel of people that would concentrate only on subsidy and analyze it before it’s removal. He added that his administration would highlight the criminal acts causing the problem.

Peter Obi added that his administration would cut down the cost of governance. He said the cost of governance is killing. “You cannot tell Nigerians to sacrifice when Government officials live a luxurious lifestyle. You cannot be buying cars worth billions of Naira and tell us to sacrifice, ” Peter Obi said.