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Sugar Mummy Cries Uncontrollably, “After She Found Out The Boy She Was Dating Was Married”

A married woman who qualifies as a sugar mummy and is in a relationship with another man just found that her lover boy is also married, and her story has gone viral.

According to a Twitter report, the woman’s spouse lives abroad, and she has another boyfriend back home who she employs to hold her body when needed.

She claimed that she utilized some of the money her husband gave her from abroad to care for the lover.

One of the things she assisted the man with was securing an apartment using her husband’s money.

The woman was taken aback when she discovered that the man she had been dating for two years and spent her husband’s money on was also married and had children.

She was supposedly with the man one day when his wife sent him a message saying she and their son, Junior, missed him terribly.

A portion of her now-trending story was read;

“I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for two years. I sponsored him and also assisted him in renting a property. I had planned for us to work something out in the future.” The lady expressed her rage.

“Isn’t there a faithful man on this planet?” she wondered.