“Sunday Igboho Was In Exile All Along Buhari’s Time, When A Yoruba Man Came, Agitation Subsided” According to Sheikh Gumi

Popular Yoruba rights activist Sunday Adeyemo, also known as “Igboho,” was exiled during Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, according to Kaduna-based Islamic scholar and public affairs analyst Sheikh Ahmed Gumi. However, his agitation stopped when President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took office.

The Sun reported that Sheikh Ahmed Gumi stated this in an exclusive interview.

Recall that Sunday Igboho, who was in exile in Benin Republic for many months has been released and has traveled out of the country.

Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, who is known for his outspokenness while speaking about the recent development in Kaduna State said; “See how the Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo went to see Nnamdi Kanu and spoke to him. So, the government delegated some Igbo leaders to pacify the situation.”

He added; “Sunday Igboho was in exile all along Buhari’s time, When a Yoruba man came, agitation subsided. So, if Igbo could deal with their problem and Yoruba could deal with their problem, then, we in the North can deal with our problem.”

He stated further; “We can deal with it. Unfortunately during the past administration, Buhari failed because he had a personal problem. He was not listening. The extra-judicial killings were worst during Buhari’s time. Our people told me that they have never suffered bloody attacks like during Buhari’s time. Many called Buhari “Baba go-slow”

The recent statement by Sheikh Ahmed Gumi which was shared by The Sun on its various social media platforms have generated a lot of reactions from many Nigerians.