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“Super Woman”: Pretty Physically Challenged Mum Shows Off Her Pregnancy and Baby, Video Goes Viral

The video of a physically challenged woman who just welcomed a baby has gone viral on TikTok.

The beautiful mum, Neokirchbaby, posted the video on October 11, and it captures her joy shortly after welcoming her baby.

Neokirchbaby also showed off her amazing baby bump when she was still pregnant.

She did not reveal the gender of her new baby but instead asked her numerous TikTok followers to guess.

The video has stirred alot of positive emotions on the platform. At the moment, it has gone viral and has garnered 434k likes, more than 3k comments and over 6.4 million views.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok usrs

@mizzta2z said:

“By the looks of that smile I’m saying a beautiful lil girl.”

@TikToker commented:

“Your smile is everything.”

@Nikia Kay reacted:

“She’s looking like put me back where’s its warm and the sun don’t shine.”

@Jennifer Warner said:

“Congratulations!!! Gorgeous baby and you look amazing!!”

@patience Joseph said:

“Blessed family.”

@Annadaokoroafor said:

“Congratulations! You are a supper woman.”

@Donald Fletcher682 commented:

“Congratulations mum. She is absolutely beautiful.”

@kim_biersack said:

“I love watching you and your family, beautiful kids and including you.”

@user674272006201ellen Mainga said:

“I like your smile.”

@user41430117235265 reacted:

“Congrats mama.”