Suspected Ritualists Appease The Gods With Bundles Of Cash After Offering Sacrifice (Video) - Mc Ebisco
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Suspected ritualists appease the gods with bundles of cash after offering sacrifice (Video)

On video, a group of alleged ritualists can be seen offering plenty of cash to the gods at a nearby river.

No less than three huge lads went to the body of water to sacrifice animals as a kind of worship to the supernatural creature who, it seemed, provided them with their wealth.

A calabash on the water with some unknown contents inside was visible in a popular video of two young males standing on a boat.

The huge lads repeatedly tossed wads of cash into the lake as part of the propitiation game, and ultimately one of them dove in.

Additionally, while the ceremony was taking place, a soundtrack that explains how they make blood money was playing in the background.

Watch the video below: