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The Darkness Approaching The World Is Similar To The Darkness That Befell Egypt. The Bishop Of Oyedepo

Morning session of Day 5 of Breaking New Grounds The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, delivered the sermon “Beware the God of Gold is on the Hunt for Precious Souls” || AYAC 2023 to his congregation.

He asserts that this proves God’s existence. 1 John 4:16-18. God’s fullness is poured into you as your love grows, and this distinguishes you as a force to be reckoned with. The secret to an unstoppable universe of breakthroughs is the presence of God. Only those things will intervene to stop God from doing what He desires. You can accomplish anything when your heart is filled with love and your confidence in God is firm. No evil can touch you because God is covering you.

We have the spirit of revelation and wisdom in our knowledge of God, he added. The real significance of the voyage is in developing a more profound spiritual awareness. I refer to this as “word-based illumination.” That would result in a spiritual awakening on a worldwide scale. That means that the remarkable life story twist in both of our lives is identical.When did it start to matter so much? By the way, it’s becoming darker out there, and you need light to navigate it. The darkness that will soon come is similar to the one that enveloped Egypt.

He went on to say that it takes light to make a difference, and the coming of His Word gives the uninitiated light and understanding. Because events will speed up in the end times. God has therefore prepared a great revelation for the last days, and to enter that world, we will require the wisdom and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

When he was finished, he said, “That means, in these last days, there will be that outpouring of knowledge and wisdom. In the age we live in, all facets of existence are informed by a variety of wisdom. Everyone therefore needs the spirit of wisdom and understanding more than ever. Every really original idea has consequences that are revolutionary. People’s experiences are changed in profound and supernatural ways.