The Gov is Not in Nigeria& If They Want to Prove Me Wrong, Let Them Take Anybody There—According to Kolawole Johnson

Kolawole Johnson, Director of Research and Programming at APTI, defended Governor Akeredolu’s integrity during an interview with Channels Television, highlighting the governor’s moral character and good record. Johnson said that Akeredolu was not in Nigeria at the time and dared anyone to show him wrong. He said he was confused about the situation and questioned why the governor was being made to suffer.

Kolawole Johnson suggested that Akeredolu has a positive track record and stands for certain principles. He implied that Akeredolu would typically speak out against similar issues if they were happening in another state. He expressed confusion about the reasons behind putting the state, and presumably the governor, through the current situation.

According to him, “Unfortunately, we are talking about Akeredolu. A man who will not even encourage the kind of things they are passing him through. Look at the legacy he has established over time. Look at what he stands for as a person. If another state is in this kind of mess and Akeredolu have been active, he would have been the first to speak against this shenanigan. Unfortunately, I don’t know what they want to gain by subjecting the man to further torture. Now, maybe I should let her know that the governor is not even in Nigeria as we speak, and if they want to prove me wrong, tomorrow morning let them take anybody there just to go and take his pictures. So subjecting the state to all of this, for what? ”