The highest-paid football players in Europe, broken down by estimated weekly wages in euros and pounds

The drama on the field is not nearly as exciting as the world of football finances. The astronomical sums associated with the contracts of Europe’s best football players, especially their exorbitant weekly incomes, are revealed by the most recent statistics from FBref via Capology.

1. Kylian Mbappe Weekly Wage: €1,384,615 (£1,183,321)

The French phenomenon reigns supreme as Europe’s highest-paid footballer, commanding a staggering salary reflective of his exceptional talent and marketability.

2. Frenkie de Jong -Weekly Wage: €721,154 (£616,313)

The Dutch maestro secures the second spot with an impressive weekly wage, a testament to his skill and significance on the field.

3. Harry Kane – Weekly Wage: €480,769 (£410,876)

The English striker’s prowess in front of goal translates not only into scoring records but also into a substantial weekly wage.

4. Toni Kroos – Weekly Wage: €468,846 (£400,686)

The midfield maestro for Real Madrid commands a formidable salary, reflecting his pivotal role in the team’s setup.

5. Kevin De Bruyne – Weekly Wage: €468,044 (£400,000)

De Bruyne’s exceptional playmaking abilities are mirrored not just in assists but also in a substantial weekly paycheck.

6. Erling Haaland – Weekly Wage: €438,791 (£375,000)

The Norwegian sensation’s goal-scoring prowess has not only attracted attention but also secured him a significant weekly wage.

7. David Alaba – Weekly Wage: €432,692 (£369,788)

The versatile Austrian’s capabilities on the field are matched by a noteworthy weekly salary at his new club.

8. Luka Modric – Weekly Wage: €420,769 (£359,598)

The Croatian maestro continues to be a key figure at Real Madrid, earning a substantial weekly income.

9. Manuel Neuer- Weekly Wage: €403,846 (£350,977)

The revered German goalkeeper’s importance between the posts is reflected in his considerable weekly earnings.

10. Casemiro – Weekly Wage: €409,538 (£350,000)

The Brazilian midfielder’s contributions to his club are mirrored in a noteworthy weekly salary.