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The Meaning Of ‘ Gazelle Gagaraga ‘ (Explained)

The Meaning Of ‘ Gazelle Gagaraga ‘ was where the news of supposedly Tinubu’s gaffee emanatted from before been spread like wildfire by people who only takes pleasure in making mockery of the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to their report, it reads “Yahoo boys’ in local parlance means internet fraudsters but The Gazette could not immediately find the meaning of the terminology gazelle gagaraga, despite searches in major dictionaries and thesaurus.”

But what Gazettengr failed to understand is that there is no stated rules or law that you must communicate with words from ‘major dictionaries or thesaurus’ in political rallies.

The meaning of gazelle gagaraga
There is what we call gara gara in yoruba. It means unstable or unsettled. Same as the pidgin slang ‘gragra’ .

We also have the word gagara (ga-ga-ra) or gagaraga (gaga-raga) used by Tinubu which means boastful, pompous, inflated, proud, made, self-important, domineering, pendantic, or magniloquence.

The south-westerners can relate; the yorubas to be specific. There is a street word: Igara (I-gara) which is derive from or shortform of gagara or gagaraga it also means boastful, inflated, proud etc. (as aforementioned)

We normally use it like ‘Igara chicken’: Which translate to boastful empty chicken which is only covered by plenty feathers.

Or ‘Igara iceblock’ which means boastful or proud iceblock which will only end up as water.
These words are local street words or slangs.

A gazelle is one of many antelope species in the genus Gazella. With a horn, Gazelles are known as swift animals.

when we use the word gazelle to refer to person or group of people. It means Proud person, something that dont stay one place easily, something that changes location swiftly. Reason why when we say someone is growing gazelle horn ‘ it means the person is becoming proud”

So Tinubu saying he is going to “turn so called yahoo yahoo boys into in manufacturing and creation of than being gazelle gagaraga.”

Means he is going to change them from a boastful proud unsettled yahoo-yahoo boys to a product manufacturer and an intelligent creator.

Living and learning, dont be always quick to criticise or make fun of what you dont know.