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“The Owner Has Passed Away”: Man Brings Out Dirty Car Packed Since 31 Years Ago, Cleans it Up in Viral Video

A viral TikTok video shows an old car being washed for the first time after 302 years of inactivity.

The short video was posted by @wddetailing, and it was revealed that the owner of the old car had passed away three decades ago.

After the death of the owner, the car was packed, and no one had brought it out to drive since that time.
Video of an old car packed for 31 years goes viral

As a result of the long period of disuse, the car looked old when it was brought out for washing.

A lot of dust could be seen on its body, and it had to be thoroughly washed before the beauty finally came out.

After the washing, the car looked almost unrecognisable as it became immaculate,e and the red paint glowed brightly.

Many people are trying hard to identify the type of car it is, with some suggesting that it could be an Austin Healy Sprite.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@Bob Sauer256 said:

“Austin Healy sprite.”

@Joey said:

“Too close. He’ll ruin the paint!.”

@femus hue said:

What’s the name of that liquid used?”

@richardmcbride79 commented:

“Austin Healey sprite. The first car I ever learned to drive at 10 years old.”

@truthhurtssuckitup said:

“Austin Healy sprite. My dad had one. The hood emblem gives it away.”

@okezieukasanya said:

“That’s a vintage car and that’s gonna cost some good dough.”

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