The party chairman accuses the chairman of the Ifelodun TIC of strategizing the chairman’s removal amid allegations of misusing council funds

The chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Lateef Abdulkadir, has accused the Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) chairman, Jide Ashonibare, of sponsoring individuals to remove him.

The chairman, told The Informant247 on Monday that Ashonibare has left his official duty to tour wards across the council to gather loyalists for his removal, working with his secretary, who has become more of Ashonibare’s aide than a party executive.

“To dislodge me, he is working with my secretary who is now more of his aide than party executive,” he said.

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He claimed that some individuals loyal to Ashonibare had earlier attempted to remove him but failed.

What happened?

Lateef furthered, “I didn’t commit any offence or fraud. I have been lawfully performing my duties. However, trouble started when they said I was compiling list of stakeholders in the Local Government for a certain senator. But I know this is not about now, but what is about to happen.

“The funniest of this is that they are even dumb. They don’t know what the constitution says about disciplinary action or removal of party chairman. There are steps to this things. They just felt they could sit somewhere with some people and cook up my removal. The executives didn’t receive or deliberated on any petition against me.”

He alleged that Ashonibare plans to bribe party executives and ward chairmen with N20 million for his removal, adding that they are contemplating illegal removal on Wednesday (tommorrow).

“I don’t know who is backing him, but they are contemplating several options. The first one is doling out cash to get signatures for my removal. He has earmarked N20m of the local government money for this. The second option is going to meet some ward chairmen and threatening them. He has done that to a number of them.”

He added, “He is taking this very seriously and taking far as well. I heard that they are planning to illegally remove me on Wednesday (tommorrow). But I am ready for them. They don’t have the number and they cannot bring illegal stakeholders to do the voting. I have a good number of party executives and ward chairmen behind me. We are keeping vigil and ready to face them.”

He called on Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and the state party chairman to maintain their integrity and urged the TIC chairman to be cautious.

He emphasized that the planned actions would not stand and called on party faithful and supporters to ignore this latest move.

He said, “This is not only ridiculous but beats every known rule and guideline as contained in the APC constitution, as amended.”

Party constitution on disciplinary action
On disciplinary action, the APC constitution explicitly indicated that the Executive Committee of the party is the only organ of the party with the responsibility of issuing disciplinary actions.

“A complaint by any member of the party against a Public Office holder, elected or appointed, or another member or against a party organ or officer of the party shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of that party at all levels concerned which shall not later than seven (7) days of the receipt of the complaint, appoint a fact-finding or Disciplinary Committee to examine the matter.”

What the constitution says on removal of officials
For removal of party officials, the constitution says, “Each organ of the Party shall have power to remove a Party Officer or Officers as the case may be from office at that level for failing to discharge his/her responsibilities, neglect and dereliction of duty or misconduct during his/her tenure of office through a vote of no confidence passed against such officer officers by a two-thirds majority of the members of the appropriate organ and voting subject to such officer’s right to fair hearing.”