‘The President Must Open All The Land Borders With Niger And Allow Our Trade To Go On’ – Ahmed Rabiu

The Managing Director of Kano Inland Dry Port, Ahmed Rabiu has alleged that President Bola Tinubu must open all the land borders with Niger and allow trade to go on.

He said in an interview with Channels Tv news that there are so many trailers stuck on the road due to the closure of the border with Niger. According to him, the National Assembly must be a strong voice in convincing the President to restore diplomacy.

He said, ”The members of the House of Assembly must call on the Presidency through a strong voice to restore full diplomacy with Niger Republic. They can pass motions and they can call on the President to do that. The President must open all the land borders with Niger and allow our trade to go on.

And he must also allow the continuous supply of electricity. What we are losing now, the number of trailers by the borders in Niger is an unforeseen hardship. There are losses in a great way and things we need to put in the market are stuck on the road.”