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‘The Recent Presidential Election Was Rigged By Two State Governors, But BVAS Will Expose Them,’ Mike Igini says

Mike Igini, a former INEC high commissioner and lawyer, has said that politicians are coming up with strategies to ensure that they thwart INEC’s plans to hold a free and credible election.

He claimed that because the BVAS is currently impermeable, overvoting is no longer a problem. He continued by saying that they are aware of a plot to use thugs to obstruct voting while it is still taking place in order to enter results in favor of the ballot paper hijackers….. Continue Reading

He did, however, say that there is a cure for this evil after the election. When the commission discovers this election malfeasance, he believes it is up to them to make the proper judgment. The Legal Eagle also stated that two state governors corrupted the last Presidential election, but that the BVAS would expose them in due course. According to him, the BVAS is a game changer.

He stated,

”There is a particular new trick to rig election, two states tried it last year. The current system has been used to conduct over 115 elections in Nigeria. The new trick failed in those two state because there is an antidote to that. If they want to do this rigging operation in this manner, they will wait till probably around 2pm when there has been some level of accreditation carried out.

They will come to the polling unit, they will carry the polling unit’s main official after shooting their way in there. And so they will pick up the BVAS, Ballot boxes and other polling unit officials. They will take them all to a designated location. If the BVAS has accredited 150 people out of 500 people, they will not touch the BVAS.

They will destroy the old Ballot paper, they will now thumbprint new set of ballot paper. It has to be 150 or less, but it will not exceed the numbers on the BVAS. So that the BVAS will tally with the ballot paper I have it on high intelligence that two state governors rigged the last election but the BVAS will expose them. Like is said earlier, there is an antidote to this fraud which I will not reveal now..