The Story Is Short: Assin North NPP Needs Fresh Executives To Win The Possible By-election/Come 2024 - Mc Ebisco The Story Is Short: Assin North NPP Needs Fresh Executives To Win The Possible By-election/Come 2024 - Mc Ebisco
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The Story Is Short: Assin North NPP Needs Fresh Executives To Win The Possible By-election/Come 2024

Baa Kwaw Anthony, who is a member of the New Patriotic Party, a Polling Station Secretary, Political Activist and Social Commentator in the Assin North Constituencie or District of the Central Region has expressed that, NPP can win the Assin North Parliamentary Court case but with the current constituency executives, they can’t win the seat.

The New Patriotic Party is trying their efforts to conquer the Assin North Parliamentary Seat but this should be a reminder that, the only people that can work effectively to gain the seat back are the Constituency Executives and the polling station executives together with their grassroots.

“I will be happy to hear from the National Executive Council of the New Patriotic Party to prove to me that, grounds are fertile for them in the Assin North Constituency”.

In fact, I have been saying this for awhile that NPP Assin North Constituency needs New Constituency Executives but nothing has been done about it.

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I’m still reminding them that, the New Patriotic Party can’t win the Assin North Seat with these crop of Constituency Executives until something better is done.

Firstly, the polling station executives and their 18 Electoral Area Coordinators are not happy about the appointment of the Constituency Assistant Secretary and the Second Vice Chairman, who allegedly, he was the former Aspiring Constituency Secretary For NDC in the Assin North Constituency. This appointment has resulted in many issues that needs to be solved within the Party, but nothing has been done about it.

Secondly, the Grassroots are not happy about how the Constituency Executives compete with them in terms of job opportunities.

How can a Constituency Executive who might be a teacher, a nurse and others compete with the unemployed grassroots in terms of jobs from National Identification Authority, Electoral Commission Of Ghana, etc.whilst they have their permanent jobs already?

Thirdly, the small Opportunities like Contractors employing some party people for them to at least get something for their family has been a battle between the Constituency Executives. They will write your name and take every necessary details and later replaced you with their family member or friend.

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Fourthly, it has also been revealed that, the Assin North Constituency Executives lacks lobbying skills and also not ready to learn from performing Executives.

How can a party that was having about 20 individual groups in the party but after 7th December, 2020, all those groups had collapsed and some have even joined the NDC because of we have not been able to meet them nor to address them issues relating to the party after the elections win another election.

Anthems in the Assin North Constituency is that, “we don’t know what is going on in the party; they gave the protocols to their family members and friends” and a lot of issues, but nothing has been done.

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Therefore, what really shows that, we are poised for power as Constituency Executives and a Political Party?

I am really aware that, the General Secretary of the Party, Lawyer Justin Okumkom Koduah Frimpong have heard this, but it’s never late. The NPP Grassroots are watching how both the Regional Executives and the National Executives will respond to this issues.

The Grassroots can’t trust Constituency Executives who share jobs with them, Executives who are not creative and innovative but always want what is sweet for themselves.

The story is short, NPP Assin North Constituency needs fresh Executives to win the possible Bye Election or election 2024, if the current National Executives want to tell Ghanaians that they can really break the eight with any Flagbearer. Till the National Executives listens to the tears and the sad stories from the suffering grassroots, I will continue to remind them.

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