The top ten football players for each national team since 2000 in terms of assists

1. Neymar

In the vibrant hues of Brazil’s football legacy, Neymar’s artistry extends beyond scoring goals. With 59 assists in 128 appearances, his flair and finesse have consistently carved openings for his teammates on the international stage.

2. Lionel Messi

A name synonymous with football genius, Messi’s mesmerizing dribbles and vision have not only led to 56 assists in 178 games for Argentina but have also elevated him into the echelons of footballing greatness.

3. Kevin De Bruyne

Belgium’s midfield maestro, De Bruyne, stands tall with 49 assists in 99 appearances. His pinpoint precision and astute vision have been pivotal in sculpting Belgium’s attacking prowess.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

A symbol of determination and excellence, Ronaldo’s 45 assists in 203 games for Portugal showcase his adaptability and selfless playmaking abilities, complementing his extraordinary goal-scoring record.

5. Alexis Sánchez

Chile’s dynamo, Sánchez, has notched up 41 assists in 158 games, a testament to his versatility and creativity, often serving as the linchpin of his national team’s attacking endeavors.

6. Riyad Mahrez

Mahrez’s elegant style and technical finesse have resulted in 40 assists in 87 games for Algeria, symbolizing his instrumental role in shaping his nation’s footballing identity.

Beyond statistics, these players embody the essence of playmaking, showcasing a blend of vision, creativity, and unselfishness that goes beyond merely scoring goals. They orchestrate play, dictate tempo, and embody the spirit of teamwork, elevating their respective national teams to greater heights.

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