“There are Christians who become victims of culture and they die.”

It has been highlighted by Omega Fire Ministries’ Apostle Johnson Suleman that Christians can fall prey to cultural customs that are in odds with their religious beliefs.

He gave an example of being commanded to sacrifice a goat, and the penalties of not doing so according to scripture and tradition. The lesson emphasized how crucial it is to match cultural norms with biblical principles in order to stay out of situations where there are conflicts.

According to him, “How many of you know that there are christians who become victim of culture and they die. You’ve not seen it? They tell them to go an kill goat and they say – I’m not killing goat, yet the idol will catch up with him. God is not a God that over rates tradition but any tradition that is in synonym and tandem with scripture; tradition says leave your bothers wife, scriptures says the same thing, leave your brothers wife. So if tradition aligns with scripture, you’ll be a victim.”