There was much more to the election that resulted in Boakai’s triumph and President Weah’s defeat in Liberia – Sani

Sen. Shehu Sani, a former senator from Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, offered his opinions on the just ended presidential election in Liberia. According to Sani, there was a moment when outside help prevented internal strife among Liberians, and now they are leading by example.

Sani stressed that the Liberian poll goes beyond simply being another election in his evaluation of it. Despite the election’s small margin of victory, he praised the election’s legitimacy, openness, and peaceful conduct, emphasizing the noteworthy gesture of departing President George Weah admitting loss and extending his congratulations to the victor, Joseph Boakai.

He said that it serves as a beacon of light in a region historically marked by military coups, controversial elections, and enduring political hostilities. He framed the Liberian election as a valuable lesson in civility and a message of hope for West Africa, showcasing political tolerance and decency.

The former Senator conveyed his congratulations to President-elect Joseph Boakai for his victory, acknowledging the significance of the outcome. He also extended congratulations to outgoing President George Weah for his graceful concession, drawing a parallel with Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan as a statesman in the league of leaders who prioritize peaceful transitions.

Hear him: “the election that led to the defeat of Liberia’s President, George Weah and the victory of Joseph Boakai is much more than just another election.” He went on and made it known that the election was credible, transparent, peaceful, noting that “without hesitation the outgoing president, George Weah conceded and congratulated the winner of the election despite the slim margin of victory.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>