They Continue To Steal Because Youths Permit It -Peter Obi Tells Youths To

Former Anambra State Governor and Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi has given Nigerian youths a new charge.

Obi alongside Mr. Frank Nweke Jr., former Information Minister, have called on Nigerian youths to embrace constructive measures in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The duo emphasized that the actions taken by the youth today would play a crucial role in achieving the United Nations SDGs by the year 2030.

This advice was shared during the “Shaping the Future Conference,” organized by the Boys Champion (BC) Foundation in Enugu. The event focused on the theme, “Accelerating Actions to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria Through Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement.”

During the conference, Mr. Obi stressed the importance of the government supporting and empowering the youth for development. He remarked, “The government must take pride in its youths by giving them the essential opportunity to develop.”

In addressing the issue of stolen opportunities, Obi called on the youth to take a stand and question those responsible for jeopardizing their future. He pointed out that some individuals had held the youth hostage, succeeding because the youth ignored the unfolding events. Obi urged the youth to hold their leaders accountable, asserting that leaders continue to engage in corrupt practices because the youth permit it. He emphasized, “They continue to steal because youths permit it.”