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This Is The Current Look Of The Popular Port Harcourt Road In Aba Now (Photos)

This is the current look of the popular Port Harcourt road in Aba now. Not the Enugu-Aba-Port Harcourt highway, but a popular decayed road inside Aba town called Port Harcourt road.

Here is the transformation of the road right now. The road is a 6-lane road in total, and this picture shows only one part, which is 3 lanes and is almost completed. As soon as it’s motorable, they will start the second phase of the other 3 lanes.

I am truly at a loss for words; I don’t know how to thank Alex C. Otti,. Sometimes I feel like everything happening in Aba and Abia State is a dream.

Olisa, all I ask of you is to grant Otti a long life to complete his 8 years in Abia and to touch the hearts of other Igbo governors to do the right thing like Otti.

I wonder how there is still opposition in Abia State. If you are opposition in Abia State, you are an enemy of Ndígbo and Ndi Abịa.

I think it would be right and wise for all the parties in Nigeria to endorse Otti for a second term.

I have also attached some old pictures of how the same road looked last year..