TikTok Video of Boy in Khaki Dancing at School Gets 7.4m Views; Mzansi Spots the African Rhythm

A little boy has gone viral on TikTok after a video was posted of his school concert. In the video, the little child, dressed in khaki, can be seen showing off his dance moves to Bernice West’s Lyfie. South Africans loved the little man’s moves, and the video quickly gathered over 7.4 million views on TikTok.

A little boy, who Briefly News identified by his TikTok handle @kleinkwagga1, has gone viral on TikTok for all the right reasons. Over the weekend, a TikTok user posted a video of a school concert on the popular social media platform.

A little boy, @kleinkwagga1, went viral with his dance moves to Bernice West’s ‘Lyfie’. Photo credit: @kleinkwagga1.Source: TikTok

The clip shows children lined up, dancing to Bernice West’s Lyfie. One particular little boy, dressed like a farmer in khaki and vellies, stole the show with his dance moves.

TikTok video of little boy dancing gets over 7.4 million views

Little @kleinkwagga1’s energetic dance moves caught the audience’s attention at the concert and millions of people on TikTok. The video was posted online on Saturday, generating over 7.4 million views and 540,000 likes.

Karel Olivier, who goes by the handle @karelolivier1, shared the clip, captioning it:

“Die Here het my mooi gemaak (God made me beautiful)”

Take a look at the video here:

TikTok video of boy dancing gets over 21,000 comments

A whopping 21,000 people commented on Olivier’s video. Briefly News looks at people’s thoughts about the energetic little boy’s moves.

TikTok dance sensation and teacher Mrs Bullock, @Mrs Bullock, loved the little boy’s spirit:

“I found my son love this! I love that he is unapologetically himself!”

@Maesela Silas Moselakgomo spotted that African rhythm in the video and wrote:

“The results of helping Mavis out with the house chores ”

@Unknown commented:

“When you realise you don’t wanna be a farmer anymore but a superstar ”

@ashlymoon wrote:

“Why do I feel this little guy added his own steps the way others are lost and trying to follow him kills me. Love this video .”

@Gobelakazi knows when she sees a happy child, writing:

“You can tell that he’s from a happy and outgoing family.”

@Lovelint Lint Ngxabazi commented:

“You wouldn’t see this in any other country! Things like this make my heart jump and love this country even more ”

Young white boy busts impressive dance moves in front of 2 grown men in TikTok video

@kleinkwagga1’s dance moves had us thinking about another little dancer. Briefly News previously reported a young boy went viral after busting a move in front of two men.

The wholesome video was posted on TikTok by @gigi_indabox and shows the little boy taking centre stage enthusiastically and self-assuredly. The two grown men accompanying him can’t help but join in the groove, and they cheer him on as he effortlessly steals the spotlight with his infectious charm.