TikTok Video of Total Garage Petrol Attendants Speaking to Non-native isiXhosa Speaker Delights SA

A non-native isiXhosa speaker made two petrol attendants’ day after recording a video with them for her TikTokThe lady, who is of European descent, made a video showing her cheerful interaction with workers at a Total petrol station Many people’s hearts were warmed after seeing the lady with the men who were not expecting her to speak isixhosa

Many people were delighted by a TikTok of a woman speaking the second most common language in South Africa. Many people were not expecting that woman to be able to speak isiXhosa.

A TikTok video shows a moment at Total Garage when a non-native IsiXhosa speaker chatted with the petrol attendants. Image: @thebezfamSource: TikTok

The video of the woman while out and about received thousands of likes. Many complimented the TikTok creator on her language skills.

Petrol attendants in awe of woman


is a non-native isiXhosa speaker, and she always nails it. In a video posted on TikTok, she mingled with employees at a petrol station.

Watch the video below to see their cute interaction:

SA applauds woman’s isiXhosa skills

Online users were gushing over the wholesome video. Many people complimented the woman on her isiXhosa pronunciation.

Sakhile DinangweMagaye said:

“Wow so fluent.”

Alostro commented:

“Tik Tok is showing us a different side of South Africa.”

Devin wrote:

“I swear when you learn a new language it’s like you also download a new personality.”

user9265052720344 applauded:

“Accent is 100 percent.”

Ambrosia Gail added:

“She can speak the language better than me.”

softlife45 joked:

“Khuphuka lapho 1st additional language.”

Non-native isiXhosa speakers go viral

South Africans love to see people from different cultures try foreign languages. A nonnative isixhosa speaker went viral for entering a taxi and greeting everyone in the language

Man from Asia speaks flawless isiZulu

Brielfy News previously reported that one Asian man went viral after speaking Isizulu fluently. The video of the isiZulu speaker left netizens fascinated.

The man in the video sounded like a native isiZulu speaker. People commented, amazed by his expertise in the most widely spoken language in SA.

A video posted by @lbmotorsportza shows an Asian man having conversations in isiZulu. In the video, he had isiZulu expressions down to a tee.