“Tinubu inherited the worst government in Nigeria”

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Elder statesman and leader of the Southern and Middle-Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF), Pa Edwin Clark, has declared that President Bola Tinubu inherited the worst government in the history of Nigeria.

Clark made the statement in an interview with the Daily Sun newspaper published today.

Asked to comment on Tinubu’s performance in office so far, Clark said:

”No, I don’t comment on that because I think one year is too early. He met the worst government in Nigeria; that is what he inherited. I told him when they were doing June 12 that there’s nothing to celebrate.

”What did Buhari’s government ever produce? And then because you are APC and you will continue with his programme, with his policy, then you will find it difficult.

”So as far as I’m concerned, it will not be difficult for the President to correct some of the numerous mistakes or mis-administration of Buhari.

”So I am saying that, for me, I won’t assess him. He has a lot he is doing now.”

The 97-year-old Ijaw leader also called for the release of the Indigenous People of Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

”Kanu should be released except you are holding him because he belongs to the Igbo tribe. Because the war has been over for about 50 years now, why detain Kanu? It’s unfair. He should be free,” he said.

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