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TNS escapes death after being hit by a bullet

TNS escapes death on New Year’s Eve

TNS expresses gratitude after escaping death on New Year’s Eve.

The South African musician revealed that he thought his car got hit by a stone but later realised that it was a bullet.

He said if it was a close range, it’s possible he won’t survive.

“Bengizitshela ukth ngishawa itshe izolo driving Home only to find it was a Bullet this Morning. Mkhulu kakhulu loNkulunkulu engimthandazayo. Sbonge no Singenile ku 2023 noma sesngena ngoValo,” he wrote, which is translated to –

“I thought I was hit by a stone yesterday driving home, only to find it was a bullet this morning. This God I pray is too big, we thank God for 2023 [although we live in fear]”