Today’s Headlines: US, ECOWAS Flay Niger’s Junta’s Plan To Prosecute Bazoum, Bobrisky Loses Dad

UN, US, ECOWAS Flay Niger’s Junta’s Plan To Prosecute Bazoum

The United Nations, United States and ECOWAS have voiced outrage over threats by Niger’s military rulers to try detained President Mohamed Bazoum, saying the move would worsen tensions.

On Sunday, Niger’s putschists that toppled Mohamed Bazoum said they would “prosecute” the ousted president for “high treason” and “undermining the security” of the country.

“We are incredibly dismayed by reports that President Bazoum’s unjust detention has gone even a step further,” State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters.

“This action is completely unwarranted and unjustified and, candidly, it will not contribute to a peaceful resolution of this crisis,” he added.

Bobrisky loses dad

The media personality took to his Facebook page on Monday to announce the demise of his father.

“Guys, I lost my dad this morning,” he wrote in a terse post.

It is understood that preparations for his burial are underway.

In 2021, Bobrisky surprised his father with a new Lexus SUV as a birthday present.

Bobrisky has severally made headlines after claiming to be Nigeria’s first transgender. He once admitted that he severed his genitals.

In 2019, the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) described him as a “national disaster” but human rights groups issued a statement to protest allegations of threat and harassment against him.

CBN Moves To Stabilise Naira, Warns Speculators Will Suffer Losses

ABUJA – There are strong indications that the Central Bank of Nige­ria (CBN) is set to wield the big stick on forex speculators in the country in the coming days, a development that may see mas­sive crash in dollar against the naira.

Acting governor of the CBN, Folashodun Shonubi, gave this indications on Mon­day, shortly after he met with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Shonubi said the president was angry at the activities of speculators which he believes was fueling an ever increasing margin between the dollar and the naira.

At the parallel market, dollar exchange rate to naira currently stands at about N950 to US$1, a development that in­dustry stakeholders and play­ers fear might spur further increase in fuel pump prices.

This comes after the Feder­al Government announced a removal of subsidy on fuel on May 29, prompting hardship on majority of Nigerians.

NLC Dares FG On Upward Adjustment Of Fuel Pump Price

ABUJA – The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Monday, dared the Federal Government to effect a further review on the current fuel pump prices and face harsh consequences from the Nigerian public.

It threatened that its affiliate unions will commence strike immediately at the shortest no­tice from its headquarters.

NLC President, Joe Ajaero, gave the threat at African Alli­ance of Trade Unions meeting in Abuja, where he noted that the on­going negotiations for palliatives must be put in place first.

Reacting to the advice of the Registrar of Trade Unions on how labour should conduct themselves as they carry out their responsi­bilities of protecting the interest of workers and Nigerians by ex­tension, Ajaero pleaded with the Federal Government to change “those bad economic policies that make wages next to nothing.