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Top 10 Free Dating Websites In Nigeria (2023)

Top 10 Free Dating Websites In Nigeria (2023)

This article center on free dating websites in Nigeria. Online dating is a whole new experience and is now more rampant in Nigeria today.

Gone are those days when a single person must hook up with someone in a bar, restaurant or public gathering.

Dating is easier now with the advent of a lot of singles dating websites in Nigeria which are free, exciting and easy to use.

Just by signing up and filling in details, the single person is good to go.

It is easier through online dating to connect with someone who is very far.

Singles in two different countries can hook up and use the video chat option on the dating interface to see each other.

Most singles who still find it hard finding someone to start a relationship with go with the option of online dating.

While some just want to have fun dating any type of person they meet online, some search for real long-lasting relationships.

The use of online dating has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is believed by some that most people there are prostitutes or playboys, and this discourages some singles to use dating websites or they end up having second thoughts about them.

Top Nigeria Free Dating Websites & Apps

Below are top and best free dating websites in Nigeria that single Nigerians can check out.

These free dating websites in Nigeria creates excitement and bonding among Nigerian single adults.

These are the biggest and best dating sites and apps in Nigeria for single adults.


One of the best free dating websites in Nigeria is Tinder.

The top Nigeria website for dating was created on September 12, 2012, Tinder has got to be the most popular dating app in the world, not only in Nigeria.

It is popular dating website in Nigeria because it is not just limited to a specific country but to any user from any country.

There is no country that at least one tinder user would not be found.

It is more of a mobile application which is free to download on any app store.

It is a great website to find a lifetime relationship for Nigerians.

Although, there are claims in Nigeria that it is now filled with many hook up girls.

Therefore, selecting a partner should be done with caution.

Tinder is also popular for its “swipe” feature which can enable the user to select who they want to communicate or make friends with.


This is another dating website in Nigeria that has a lot of attractive single men and women who are residents of Nigeria and some from around the world.

It is a very good website designed for anything flirting, finding long lasting love or just building friendships.

Singles who use this website have confirmed that it is truly free by a 100%.

There is also statistics that shows that most singles who used this website have found a partner and a relationship that led to a happy marriage.

It is a dating website in Nigeria that offers easy search and communication with people in the same area.

This means that the website uses geographical location to show available singles to the user.

The website also has user friendly features such as chat rooms, video chats, direct instant messaging and many more.

This makes the dating website unique and popular.

It was launched in 2008 and has about 44,000 members with 3,000 visits per day.

It is the best dating website in Nigeria to find attractive and beautiful ladies.


This Nigerian dating website was created by Emmanuel Okeke in 2012 to meet the services of Nigerians looking for free dating websites.

Since its creation, the number of users keeps on increasing everyday.

It has been created to be more than a basic dating site and has other amazing features such as creating events, news feed, blogs, playing games and reading news, sharing of videos and photos with other users of the website.

The design and layout user interface is incredibly good among all other Nigerian dating websites and it has a user friendly mode.

Number of registered users have topped 84,000 with about 9,000 daily visits. It is regarded as the biggest dating website in Nigeria.

Sexy Naija

Sexy Naija is one of the best free websites in Nigeria.

It was created in 2005 and since then they have developed their website and is now the most established dating website in west Africa.

It is extremely free so there will be no need to worry about membership fee.

The user signs up first, like every other website, providing their details and gets started with searching after the sign up.

Features on this website includes direct messaging, an internal e-mail, blogs, chatting forum and lots more.

This helps with the user experience in order to make sure that there is good communication between the registered users.

It is best dating website to meet rich Nigerian women.


Badoo though not owned or created by a Nigerian is very popular and is a heavily used dating website in Nigeria.

Badoo was created by a Russian man, Andrey Andreev in 2016, the app has two amazing features.

It serves as a dating website and a social discovery website which lets the users know people who work and live in the same area as they do.

It is mainly used through the application which can be downloaded from any app store.

Singles can find relationships that would last a lifetime on this dating app.

If you are looking for dating websites to find Nigerian girls, then consider Badoo a good option.

Badoo offers some exceptional experience which is different from just chatting.

These exceptional experiences are: “Badoo live” and “Encounter”.

Badoo live is a live streaming experience where the user can go live, and anyone online can watch while encounter is basically a game where the user can comment on a picture displayed by swiping yes or no.

If yes is swiped, a chat can begin with the person.

This dating interface also provides an option for users to block other users from looking at their profile through the Encounter experience.

It is a good website in Nigeria to find sugar mummies.


This another one of best ranked free dating apps in Nigeria where singles can mingle and strike partnership and relationship.

It is currently one of the most effective dating app in Nigeria where partners can meet set up a date.

It is easy to use and is highly secured as data in the app is encrypted.

One of the features that makes Letschat app the best online dating app in Nigeria is ability to present users with members very close to their current locations.


Hinge is regarded as one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria where sugar mummies can be found.

It is very easy to connect with girls on Hinge site in Nigeria.

Hinge is top dating site in Nigeria where young beautiful girls can be contacted online for dates and hang out.


E-Harmony is one of the free dating sites in Nigeria for singles.

The sites matches users relationships needs based on information provided.

It is one of Nigerian’s best and top dating websites which is very secured and confidential.


Afroromance is among the most visited dating sites in Nigeria.

It affords users opportunity to meet people of different race cultures snd backgrounds.

It is a good website to fine white husbands in Nigeria.

The highly visited Nigeria dating app does its user matching base on criteria like age, sex etc. stands out as a top dating sites in Nigeria.

It affords Nigerians abroad opportunity to finds and meet Nigerians both at home and abroad.

This is one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria for dating and relationships.

This is another dating site that is very popular in Nigeria.

It is highly used to find dates and relationships with Nigeria and African singles.

This is one of Nigerian’s free dating websites where to meet girls easily.

Conclusion on Good Dating Websites in Nigeria

Now that many dating websites have been created in Nigeria, the dating arena is much more approachable and people who were once scared to start a relationship now find it easier.

All they have to do is just go online and look for someone they can spend sometime with or spend the rest of their lives with.

These websites present a good opportunity to meet beautiful and sexy Nigeria girls.