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Top 7 Wealth Building Habits That Attract Money To You

One: Ideate every day. Isolate yourself and think without distractions for at least 15 minutes. Switch off your phone and any device that rings out with automatic alerts.

Have pen and paper. Because ideas will come. And if you don’t write them down, they will go. And where there are ideas, there will be wealth, if the ideas are implemented.

Two: Never watch TV before 4 PM. In fact, limit your TV viewing. Research at Tohoku University in Japan showed that the more TV you watch, the less your ability to communicate intelligently, and the more books you read, the higher your communication skills.

Therefore, be intentional about reading books. If you have no books, but you have designers, you are simply designing poverty as your future fashion accessory. Sell your designers and buy some books.

The works of Shakespeare are still being read 500 years later. I challenge you to go out dressed in the fashion from Shakespeare’s days and see if you will not be mocked!

Three: Have a mentor or failure will be your tormentor. A mentor shortens the distance between you and success. 71% of Fortune 500 companies use a mentoring program, and 75% of their executives credit their mentors for their success. Retention rates for mentees are 72% compared to 49% for employees who do not participate in a mentorship program.

Four: Believe that God exists and that He has good plans towards you. Believing in God does not mean believing in a religion. There are many religions, but only one God.

The brief that your religion is better than another person’s faith is not Godliness. That is bigotry. Have faith in God, not religion. A belief in the supernatural helps you achieve superhuman exploits.

Five: Conceal your plans and intentions. Learn to talk a lot about many things without saying anything. Converse with people without confiding in them.

Six: Learn to switch off your ego so that your enemies and rivals cannot manipulate you by either massaging or insulting it.

Seven: Practice the habit of listening to people as if they are the most important persons in the world. In fact, even if they are saying nonsense, ask them for permission to take notes.

When you listen to people like that, they feel important and will want to use whatever influence they have to reward you for making them feel that way.