Tribunal: We Don’t Have A Scarcity Of Evidence To Prove Our Allegations Against Mahmoud & BAT -Dele Farotimi

Farotimi has further explained that those attacking the Labour Party are doing so because they believe that by destroying the party, they can completely take away Obi’s mandate. This is a clear indication of the level of desperation that some individuals are willing to go to in order to achieve their own selfish interests.

Dele Farotimi, who is a spokesperson for Peter Obi, has recently made a statement claiming that the Labour Party is being targeted by certain individuals due to their fear of the outcome of the tribunal handling all petitions relating to the February 25th presidential election. Farotimi has stated that the Labour Party has enough evidence to prove in court that their candidate, Peter Obi, was the rightful winner of the election.

In his words: “There is overwhelming evidence of electoral votes brigandage that took place on the 25th and in the subsequent election on March 18th. We don’t have a scarcity of evidence to prove our allegations against Mahmoud and Tinubu. In order for that to be minimized they started all kinds of things to distract the people from focusing on the tribunal. In their reductio ad absurdum, they had come to assume that the totality of the mandate that was given on the 25th to Obi could be dissipated if you destroy the platform which is the Labour Party. What they fail to understand is that nine out of every ten persons who voted for Peter Obi is not a member of the Labour Party so they were attacking the Labour Party because they are afraid of what the tribunal would do”

“I don’t know who these judges are, I have never bothered to check the composition of the court and I am being careful not to tar everybody with the same brush. However, it is up to them to determine how they will be remembered by history. They have a choice because they are the ones who are sitting on the panel. They have names and those names will be remembered for good or for bad.”

“I doubt if anyone of them is less than fifty years old. I am fifty-five, and I know for sure that nobody will live forever. So, if they elect to have their consciences purchased, and we have seen enough in the public space to suggest that such subterranean moves are being made, it is completely up to them. We will remember the names of these judges either for infamy or for summoning the courage to save Nigeria.”

It is important to note that the Labour Party has a right to present their evidence in court and allow the tribunal to make a fair and just decision. It is unacceptable for anyone to try and undermine the democratic process and deny the people their right to choose their own leader. The truth must prevail and justice must be served.