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Tribunal: Why Tinubu was never in court but Peter Obi is always in court – Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, One of the spokespersons and legal representative of Peter Obi, clarified why Tinubu, the president-elect was never in court but Peter Obi was always in court for the presidential election petition.

Kenneth Okonkwo clarified this in an interview he granted in a live program on Aisha Yesufu’s channels on Youtube a few minutes ago, when he was asked whether it is legally right that the president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has never been in court since the presidential election case started at the tribunal because he is a defender.

Kenneth Okonkwo clarified that it is not a necessity for the president-elect to be present at the court since his legal representatives are there but that it is his choice either to come or not to come. He said that is because it is a civil matter and not a criminal matter. However, he said that Peter Obi was there because he want to be part of the whole process, see it himself and not that he’s being told of what is happening.

Hear him.

“It is not compulsory that the party (Bola Tinubu) should be personally be in court. but our principal, Peter Obi has being in court from beginning because if you know him, he is a perfectionist, he has always attend every of his court case, and that is good, because that’s called capacity or competence…So Tinubu is not compelled by law to be preset because he has a right to be represented by his lawyers. “