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Very Soon, We Shall Leave You All Behind To Manage The Mangled World – Mike Bamiloye

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page shared a message and warning to the public on the fact that Jesus is coming and Saints will leave with Him.

According to him, “Very soon, we shall leave and leave you all behind. We shall leave you all behind to manage the mangled world. It is then you will know that the Church is not your problems. It is then you will see the faces of all the fake people who mingled themselves with people of God to scam the Masses. It is then you will know that the Lord has called us to Peace and not to fight.”

He then said that the Power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of light is still restraining the evils of the devil. It is then all Hell will be let loose. Violence and Immorality will have no restrictions. It is then you will appreciate the presence of the Church of God. But by then, they are gone with the rapture.

He further said, “It is then you will know that Jesus Christ is not a Gentle Lamb alone. It is then you will know that He is a ferocious Lion too. He came the first time as a Gentle Lamb and now he’s coming back as a Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He will devour and destroy all those who had opposed Him and will establish His Kingdom on Earth. He will rule the whole world directly from the City of Jerusalem. All believers now shall enjoy a thousand years of peace and Joy. That is what we call the Millennial Reign.”

Finally, he said, “If you have never been thought this in your Church, then, what have your ever been taught? Go and Google it yourself and read what the Bible say about this coming Glorious Era. He is coming and we are waiting.”