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Ways To Use Beetroot For Soft And Pink Lips

Many of us deal with chapped or cracked lips as a frequent skincare issue. In addition to dehydration and vitamin deficits, certain weather conditions can also cause your lips to become dry and chapped. Chapped lips look quite bad and make your face look less attractive overall. But fear not, there are uncountable home remedies that can help you achieve pink lips at home. One such home remedy is using beetroot. It is one of the most popular and effective ways to get rid of chapped lips. Here are some easy ways to use beetroot to get pink and soft lips.

Ways To Use Beetroot For Pink Lips

Beetroot Balm

Beetroot balm is one of the greatest lip balms you can use, and it’s really simple to make at home. They make your lips smoother, and brighter and assist in getting rid of black lips. It leaves your lips nourished and gives them a hint of pink hue.

Beetroot Lip Mask

You can also use beetroot as a lip mask. And for that, you need to make a mask of beetroot pulp and honey. Once the mask is ready, apply it on your lips for about 15 minutes. It will help in nourishing and brightening your lips.

Beetroot Lip Scrub

To prepare beetroot lip scrub, you need to mix beetroot juice with sugar. Once the mild beetroot lip scrub is ready, exfoliate your lips with it. Exfoliate your lips with the scrub once or twice a week to get smooth and pink lips.

Beetroot And Glycerin

Another way to use beetroot for pink lips is by mixing it with glycerin and applying it overnight. Glycerin helps in keeping the lips moisturised and soft. Also, it helps to heal dry and chapped lips.

Beetroot And Honey Lip Serum

To prepare this effective serum, begin by mixing beetroot juice with some honey. Apply it frequently on your lips to get pink lips. Honey helps moisturise the lips and works as a mild exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and dry skin.

Beetroot Lip Tint

Take some beetroot juice and dab it on your lips using a cotton ball or fingers. You can practise this 4-5 times a day to achieve pink lips.