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“We Are Both AS”: Nigerian Couple Discover Their Genotype after Traditional Wedding , Bride Cries out

A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media that she and her hubby recently found out that their genotypes are AS.

The saddened lady opened up about her marital challenge on TikTok while responding to a question that asked what 2022 took away from her

She attached some snaps and a short clip from her traditional wedding, lamenting that they didn’t check their statuses before taking the big step.

It is not clear if the couple has done their church wedding, but this very discovery appears to be shaking their union.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the situation, with some wondering if it was carelessness or a mistake.

Watch her video below:

Social media reactions

Michellekamsi said:

“I’m expecting my second elder sister is also AS and same with her husband and they have 4 beautiful kids but is luck sha..”

Afrikdemmy said:

“You can still be married, just don’t have children together..u can both adopt if u still really want to be together.”

Boss Onoskly said:

“You guys can still be together visit your doctor they will inform you the latest way to have kids as both AS partner.”

peacefully said:

“Please if d both of u dont have a child together yet just leave please d safety of ur unborn kids matters besides u are not officially married.”

Ologhetetina said:

“The time you supposed to ask the question, shawarma and barbecue and hollandia yoghurt no let you ask .No offense just for fun.”