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What Is A Drug Trafficker Looking For In Asorock? – Tinubu

It is sickening to see that a scandalous fellow like Tinubu is a presidential aspirant of the ruling party, APC, in spite of how questionable his character is. it is publicly known that Tinubu’s entire existence is “puzzlingly mysterious”. Firstly, there is controversy about his name, age and his state of origin has remained a mystery to unravel. And then, he has an indictment by the U.S federal agency as an accomplice in drug trafficking operations. If I may ask, why on earth will a man whose hand was caught in the cookie jar by the United States government as a drug dealer be a standard bearer of any party? It goes to show how morally debased and indifferent the APC is to corruption.

Reports making rounds in news outlets reads that Tinubu is a major subject of a drug story which happened in Chicago, United States of America. A July 13 article by David Hundeyin reports that Tinubu was charged ( with other defendants) in a case of drug trafficking and money laundering by an FBI agent, Kelvin moss. He was said to have been involved in a white heroin trafficking cartel, led by Adegboyega Mueez Akande and it happened that the two of them shared living accommodation at the time.

The drug cartel was pinned down where one Mr Abiodun Agbele sold white heroin to an FBI agent in an undercover operation on the 28th of November, 1990. Upon investigation,Kelvin Moss revealed that funds from the drug trafficking operations were found in an account controlled by Tinubu and there was no way Tinubu could have deposited about $661,100 in his First Heritage Bank account in the course of one year(1990), given that he earned $2,400 per month as an accountant in Mobil Oil whilst not having any other source of income.

In the meantime, the United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois, presided by Judge Nordberg was orderedby the U.S government on the 26th of July, 1993, to forfeit funds held by First Heritage Bank and Citibank held in thename of Tinubu because there was a probable cause to believe that the monies in the account were proceeds from drug trafficking, and it was in violation of the U.S law , so the funds ought to be forfeited to the U.S government.Nevertheless, Tinubu claimed that the monies in the account belonged to him and his wife, his uncle, Kafaru Tinubu and his surrogate mother, Alhaja Mogadi and he insisted on “exclusive right, title and interest” to the funds in the accounts.

Note that Tinubu’s claim was in contradiction with what he had earlier conversed with the FBI agent, kelvin moss, when he had accepted to have done monetary transactions with Akande and Agbele. After much investigation, Tinubu decided to enter a settlement agreement on September 15th1993, where the sum of $460,000 of the drug trafficking proceeds will be forfeited to the U.S government.

The fact still remains that the former Lagos state governor is a known drug lord, in which he voluntarily agreed to forfeit his assets, rather than face trial. He is seen in the eyes of the Law to have admitted to being a drug lord, through the settlement he made. According to The United States Department of justice, “ Asset forfeiture is designed to deprive criminals of the proceeds of their crime”. This gives clear verification on who might become the next president of Nigeria. Is that what we need ? Never!

I guess it is no coincidence that Nigeria’s narcotic agency seized cocaine worth $278 million dollars, the highest single drug bust in the history of Nigeria. Sadly, the case was swept under the carpet, without thorough investigation to fish out the kingpin of the drug operation. Weeks later, Tinubu is seen in pictures with NDLEA boss, Mohammed Marwa, having a conversation. What does this tell you?

The charges brought against Tinubu by the FBI are very clear, detailed and precise. It is important that Nigerians, especially his supporters, read this intriguing FBI investigation on whom they intend voting. Regardless of several publications of Tinubu’s indictment, before and after he won the primaries, neither Tinubu’s nor this campaign managers are yet to make any comment on this issue; be it to affirm or debunk it.

Also, how is it that among all the political giants that sought to be the standard bearer of the APC, it was Tinubu that was chosen? Are they not aware of his history of drug trafficking? Was it not this same crime Abba Kyari was exposed to be involved in, which earned him a place at the kuje prison? Se Then, why is Tinubu being enabled by APC to Asorock ? Is there something that is different about him?

It is sad enough that Nigerians are already bejng profiled as a crime-inclined people, perhaps, we would be denied entry to other countries, should a drug dealer like Tinubu become our leader. A Tinubu presidency poses a lot of threat to this entity called Nigeria,so it is important that we vote wisely.