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What You Should Do To Prevent The Attacks From The Enemies Having Any Effect On You—Dr. Olukoya

In a video message posted on his official Facebook page, Dr. Dk Olukoya, the creator and presiding General Overseer of the Yaba-based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, highlighted what you must do to ensure that the enemy’s attacks have no bearing on you.

The priest claims that from 33:53 to 34:55 of the video, he makes the following revelation: “The adversary cannot accomplish anything unless your flesh cooperates with them—the majority of the demonic attacks we encounter will not have any serious repercussions if you and I are broken. As a believer, your best course of action is to be broken so that the enemy’s attacks won’t have any bearing on you. The enemy would have nowhere to enter if we were broken, living a crucified life, and thinking of ourselves as dead to sin.

The clergyman explained that “brokenness is surrender—it’s recognizing your sorrow as a great sin; in terms of brokenness, it’s an act of allowing your own will to be broken into pieces. When your will is shattered as a believer, the Holy Spirit fills your reactions. A shattered pot cannot contain water, and a broken heart cannot contain pride.