When Asked If Hannatu Musawa Can Receive Allowances As A Minister And Corps Member, A NYSC Source Responds.

The issue surrounding Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Hannatu Musawa’s dual responsibilities as a serving member of the NYSC and a federal minister, which has led some opponents to call for her resignation, has prompted a response from a source within the National Youth Service Corps.

Following news that Hannatu Musawa is still a part of the National Youth Service Corps, or NYSC, many Nigerians have demanded that she quit as the minister of arts, culture, and creative economy.

In an exclusive interview with The Vanguard Newspaper, NYSC Source reportedly stated: “Based on the NYSC Act and its accompanying bye-laws governing the operations and regulations of the scheme, there are no specific provisions that prohibit a serving corps member from being appointed as a minister or commissioner.”

However, it is crucial to remember that the selection of ministers or commissioners is frequently a political process that takes factors like political allegiances into account. The NYSC Bye-Laws provide that during the service year, corps members are not allowed to participate in partisan politics or join any political party.

The NYSC source responded, “Yes. It is allowed for Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Hannatu Musawa to take salary and benefits both as a minister and corps member. In the course of their principal tasks, corpers work for several organizations. Some, for example, receive monthly NYSC stipend in addition to being paid by their employers and states of primary assignments.

Many Nigerians have commented on the recent NYSC source statement on social media in response to it. The statement was released by The Vanguard Newspaper on its verified Twitter page.