“When I Met My Wife, She Was Different From All The Other Girls I Had Ever Been With” – Junior Pope

A popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, has narrated how he met his wife, whom he has married since 2014.

While speaking to the Punch newspaper, the actor revealed that he met his wife via Facebook and dated her for four years before deciding to marry her.

When asked if he initially knew that he would marry her, Pope said, “No, I never had any idea. For me, then, it was just to have a fling like every other man out there. I don’t believe in love at first sight. For most men, what we see in a woman when we look at her is the bed. Most men don’t see far. That is why they always need a virtuous and spiritual woman to help guide them to success. For women, when they see a man, they see a wedding gown, a suit, and children running around the house. That is how far they see. It is not the same for men.”

Further speaking, he said, “But when I met my wife, she was different from all the other girls I had ever been with. After being with her for four years, I popped the big question, and she said yes.”