Why Benue APC Members Rejected Fr Alia - Akase - Mc Ebisco Why Benue APC Members Rejected Fr Alia - Akase - Mc Ebisco

Why Benue APC members rejected Fr Alia – Akase

The Special Adviser to the Benue State Governor on Media and Publicity, Terver Akase, has revealed why there is crisis in the Benue State of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

According to Akase, the party’s crisis was as a result of the imposition of its candidate, Reverend Father Alia, on members.

Akase said the issue was that of imposition by some set of godfathers who have insisted on Hycienth Alia as against the general wish of other members.

Akase said a majority of APC members do not want Alia and that is why the party has gone to court.

“Majority of the members of the APC didn’t go for him. He was imposed on the party through the yahoo yahoo primary elections by those who brought him.

“His godfather brought him and imposed him on the party. There was no election. They imposed him on the party, wrote results and sent his name to the INEC. He didn’t win any election. There was no primary election. That was why those other aspirants have gone to court because there was no election.

“So the people didn’t vote for him. They were not given the opportunity to vote. So the APC in Benue were not given the opportunity to vote in the primaries.

“Anyone saying that the PDP is sponsoring the aggrieved APC members is simply saying that the PDP sponsored the appeal panel that described the primary as yahoo yahoo exercise and called those who organized it failures.

“Was it the PDP that set up that panel? This is something that we don’t need to be arguing about. We don’t need to be arguing about that. The APC itself has said no election took place.”

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