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Why Every Nigerian Should Go To Heaven – Toke Makinwa

Media personality Toke Makinwa has given reasons as to why she believes every Nigerian deserves to go to heaven.

Toke Makinwa stated that living in Nigeria is equivalent to tasting hell, so there’s no need to taste hell twice.

The media personality said the mere fact that one is a Nigerian is enough to get into heaven. In her words:

“Every Nigerian deserves to go to heaven cos they have tasted heIl already, like just show up at the pearly gates and say I’m Nigerian because after this helI of a country you deserve the streets of GOLD.”

In other news, Nigerian filmmaker, Ideh Chukwuma Innocent, professionally known as Onesoul has narrated how his ‘smokey’ cooking got firefighters rushing to his apartment in the United States.

Onesoul made series of video, explaining how he was cooking jollof rice, and frying chicken, which made the house smoky, causing the alarm to go off in his apartment building.

Within a few minutes as he was explaining, sirens from a close distance went blaring, and got to the apartment, with firefighters installing water hoses to put out ‘the fire’.

In a confused state, Onesoul said he didn’t know what to say. He later revealed that one of the firefighters was able to trace the smoke back to his apartment. He captioned the videos:

“How my sunday jollof rice cooking got Washington DC running to my apartment….. when you see the jollof rice on the last slide plz tell me if it’s worth all this trouble.”