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Why I Roasted My Five Step-daughters At Night, Ondo Man Tells Police, Journalists

It still beats everyone’s imagination why 64-year-old Joseph Ojo decided to set ablaze his five step-daughters right in their room at night.

Enu-Owa is the area in Ondo City in Ondo State, where evil was perpetrated.

Even the closeness of his residence to the palace of Osemawe, the traditional ruler of the culturally inclined people, didn’t restrain Joseph from carrying out his sinister plan.

On November 5, 2022, Joseph Ojo, a tree feller, who had 10 children from four women, roasted his five step-daughters, an act many described as evil beyond belief.

Fielding questions from newsmen when the Ondo State Police Command paraded the man who had been in its custody since the case was reported, he confessed to the crime, saying he was infuriated by his wife’s frequent resistance to his amorous overtures.

According to Joseph, he observed that his wife, a mother of five before he married her, didn’t give him attention because his stepdaughters were always over her.

With pent-up displeasure, when he dropped N600 only for the dinner and his wife complained that the money was insufficient to prepare meals for the family, Joseph got more annoyed but his countenance didn’t betray him.

Some minutes before 3:00 am, Joseph struck. He had designed how to remove the assumed obstacle between him and his wife. He went for the keg of petrol for his chainsaw and doused it in the bedroom where his five stepdaughters were sleeping.

With the smash of a stick of match, the room was engulfed in fire. His twin children bore by his same wife, he ensured were kept out of the reach of the inferno.

The screaming of the five girls, who were awakened by the ferocious fire, attracted their mum and those living in the neighborhood. Many raced towards the house to rescue Joseph’s family and put out the raging fire.

Though help came immediately, it was too late to save all the girls as one of them, 7-year-old Tayo Akinfolarin had been burnt beyond recognition and died before help came.

The other four sisters were rushed to UNIMED Teaching Hosp