Why Men Don’t Go On Dates Anymore – Relationship Coach, Joro Olumofin (Video)

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Joro Olumofin

Joro Olumofin

Popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin, has spoken about the cost of going on a date in the country.

Olumofin shared a breakdown of expenses for a typical date, including movie tickets, food, and other items, which he estimated at 140,000 Naira.

He then suggested that some women might expect up to four dates before agreeing to a relationship, potentially bringing the total cost to around 400,000 Naira.

The relationship expert explained that these high costs might be why some Nigerian men are becoming reluctant to go on dates. He noted that some women have been complaining about men’s unwillingness to take them out.

Olumofin mentioned that some women can be quite demanding, possibly wanting to purchase items during the date that could be financially straining for their partners.

However, he also added that a man who is truly serious about a woman wouldn’t be concerned about these expenses.

He wrote;

”This is the Basic Amount a Guy is expected to p@y on a first D@te with a lady :

1) Movie – N8,000 ( IMAX ) x2 =N16,000

(2) Popcorn 🍿 – N4,000 x2 = N8,000

(3) Hotdog 🌭 – N5,000 x 2 = N10,000

(4) Drink – N2,000 x 2 = N4,000

(5) Lunch After the movie = N75,000

(6) Transport = N25,000

(7) Ice Cream 🍦- N6000 x 2 = N12,000

N140,000 – N150,000 on the first Date.

It takes at least 4 dates for a lady to consider a Guy. Which means N137,000 x 4 dates = N560,000.

A guy who’s intentional about a lady won’t have an issue with this.”

See Video Below;

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