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Why Some People Will Even Take Off Their Cloth Of Their Pastor Ask Them To Do That – Dr Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, “Connecting To Pentecostal Power” at their Wednesday Manna Water Service

According to him, We are promised power from on high, so other powers are supposed to bow to us. It is a tragedy of our current Christianity that we have not correctly assessed the power from on high. If you read the Bible very well, most of the miracles that took place in the New Testament also took place in the Old Testament. People were healed in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. The dead came to life in the Old and New Testaments. Leprosy was cleansed in the Old and New Testaments.

He then said that Many pastors even have no clue how to demonstrate the power of God, and it is unfortunate that the reason we are having strange and funny pastors is because church members have refused to demonstrate the power of God. They are not connecting to it.

He further revealed that some people have become slaves to pastors. If the pastor asks them to bring money, they do. If he asks them to steal, they do. He then revealed why they will even take off their clothes if their pastors ask them to to that. He said, “If he asks them to take off their clothes, they take off their clothes. This is because they have failed to connect to that power so that they would be able to say “No, this is wrong”.

Finally, he said, “Unfortunately for many of us, until a level of power comes upon you, you cannot rise from where you are to where God wants you to be. Many of us are already born into deficits. When somebody is born into a deficit and wants to come out, a level of power is needed to remove him from the dunghill and set him among the princes of the earth.”