Why We Can’t Sleep Without a Blanket, Even on a Hot Night

Being between 160 and 170 years old, he is frequently referred to as the oldest man living. He’s still able to get around independently, have private conversations with himself, and tell long, complex stories that the whole room can hear. What makes it even imaginable, though? How could someone live such a long life and still be healthy? Finally, he makes his voice heard and tells everyone the secret to health, vitality, and life.

The woman of his dreams was first introduced to him when he was young, and they have been together ever since. After more than a century of marriage, only death now has the power to split them apart.

Because birth years weren’t recorded back then, Michael is unaware of his birth year. It had never before been possible to obtain ID cards. When one arrived, remembering the exact month and year of his birth became their entire priority. Before his country was colonised, that happened in the past. Nobody else his age could read or write, making him one of the oldest persons still alive.

But due of his power, he can sit down alone and even stand up by himself. Since polygamy was seen favourably in his society at the time, he was permitted to have four wives and twelve children. Unfortunately, a few of his kids passed away when they were still quite small. He argues that because employment didn’t exist while he was growing up, the world has changed significantly since he was a child. Because there was no such thing as money and all trade was carried out through barter, everyone was engaged in some form of farming, animal husbandry, or agriculture.

Despite the fact that society has grown more and more reliant on technical advancements, he claims that he would have liked to have lived in the past when people got by by hunting, fishing, and foraging for food in the forests.

Nevertheless, his country was subsequently colonised by Europeans, which brought about the aforementioned change in the status quo. He collected stones and other rocks for them, working for them after they provided him with resources and a job chance. He’d just started working, and that was his first position. I left that position and went in search of a new one.

Thanks to the booming economy, everyone could find work doing what they liked. To make ends meet today, many people must work in occupations they detest, but this wasn’t always the case. He claims that during the time Bukov City was still being built and that it looked very different because it lacked the enormous buildings, cars, and other modern conveniences that it has now. To be really honest, it was just a typical rural town.

One of the many facts he can remember is the fact that the early white immigrants were so vicious that they fought with kings and kingdoms and in the end brought King Kabulungu’s death. She is one of the few individuals that is as familiar with the granddad as she is. Years ago, they had their first meeting. They began living together when he visited her family’s home and paid the bride fee. They have been residing together and sharing whatever they have with joy. Together, they lost their firstborn and the following three children. They will continue to share the undying love they experienced on their first date. They worked together and supported one another when times were difficult.

Between the two of them, which have been a family for more than a century, is one of the region’s longest partnerships. There are about 110 persons who can be considered his descendants, including his grandkids, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren. He might be rather old, but nobody knows for sure. However, he is likely no older than 136 years old, based on the myths he invents for himself. His first child passed away when he was 96 years old, his second when he was 81 years old, and his third, who is now the ripe old age of 81, is still with us. He puts out the theory that because they had healthier diets before commercial food processing, people lived longer.

The use of medications that are known to cause excruciating, protracted deaths has also increased. He is claimed to be in his late 90s while being more intelligent and stronger than most guys his age. Grandpa was predicted to live to be around 150 years old at one point. If so, he might live to be perhaps 160 or 170 years old.