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Will Messi Be at PSG Next Season?

Argentine FIFA 2022 World Cup winner Lionel Messi currently plays for French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain (commonly referred to as PSG). He is now in his second season at PSG, but there’s already lots of speculation and rumours swirling about whether he will stay at the French club for a third season. Find out more right here.

To find out just how likely it is that Lionel Messi will stay at PSG next season, you can turn to some of today’s best sports betting sites and check out the odds that are currently being offered for him to leave, and then compare those odds.

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Here are some of the latest odds currently being offered for Messi to leave PSG and play for another club next season (2023/24). The current odds at most sites currently have him favoured to stay at PSG for a third season.

In American/moneyline odds, he’s priced at -110 to stay at PSG. When these odds are converted to the fractional odds system used in the UK , it equates to 0.91/1. When converted into decimal odds, it equates to 1.91. It also means that there’s a whopping 52.40% implied probability rate of him staying at his current club.

Some online sports betting sites have also released odds of him potentially joining another club. They include the following:

Inter Miami – currently priced at +185 in American/moneyline odds (which is 1.85/1, or 2.85) with a 35.10% implied probability rate of joining the MLS side

Any other MLS side – currently priced at +800 (8/1, or 9.00) with an 11.10% chance of joining

Barcelona – currently priced at +800 (8/1, or 9.00) with an 11.10% chance of joining

Manchester City – currently priced at +1,800 (18/1, or 19.00) with a 5.30% chance of joining

Newell’s Old Boys – currently priced at +2,500 (25/1, or 26.00) with only a 3.80% chance of winning

Manchester United – currently priced at a whopping +4,000 (40/1, or 41.00) with only a 2.40% chance of joining

In other words, a safe bet would be to place your money on Messi staying at PSG next season, or if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe place a small wager on him joining Inter Miami.

However, stranger things have happened in football. Nothing is set in stone, and don’t forget that no bet is guaranteed, no matter how sure the odds may first appear. Also, these odds are only accurate at the time of writing. They are likely to change a great deal over the coming weeks and months.

You never know; a Saudi Pro League side could offer him a multi-million dollar contract that no other team could afford to match, just like Ronaldo’s new contract at Al-Nassr.

What to remember when placing a real money wager online at 10bet

You must be at least 18 years of age to place a real money wager at 10bet, and before you can start placing bets, you first need to register your free account. Never gamble out of sheer necessity, and never chase your losses. In other words, try and gamble responsibly, and don’t place too many silly outside bets with long odds that are not likely to return you a profit.